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There is a ton of terrific TMI fanart at this blog!

this is so adorable omg


omfg mako writes his own bad cop puns

I know right :’)

"When you get sent to jail, tell them MAKO sent ya"

“Bolin is really trying to find his way in life and love, which leads him into an awkward relationship with Eska. Asami will always be a friend. I don’t think there’s romance in the cards for them.”


I admit, it would be a little awkward and sad for Bolin to get together with Asami. People would resent the fact they’re each other’s potentially second choices.

But the possible hint of Bosami maybe being besties was cute <3

However, Bolin & Eska is just weird and wrong.

Eska’s basically keeping Bolin as some sort of sick pet. Whilst it adds to some weird sense of humour that the show (used to) sucessfully brings, it’s not needed. Bolin’s also getting very little character development, maybe it’s just all the fanfics I’ve read but in my heart, and the other fans heart, we all know and can see there’s more to Bolin than his goofiness.

Am I the only one who isn’t digging Season 2 as much as Season 1?

I dunno, it’s like we’re starting all over again.

I understand Korra’s always been badass, but her attitude is really pissing me off. One day she was running away to train with Tenzin and then the next minute where she learns to airbend, she just rudely chucks him to the side.

The first episode “Rebel Spirit” introduced a lot of new characters but it didn’t flow quite as well as the Season 1 first episode :/

The graphics however were amazing and absolutely stunning, a huge HUGE well done to the seriously talented artists without that. It’s nice to see although Korra has changed (into a more annoying Avatar), that Bolin, Mako & Asami haven’t changed that much personality wise.

I know some people may feel as a huge LOK fan, my views are wrong but it’s my opinion. I know being the Avatar can’t be easy for Korra and it must be frustrating to be always training, but there’s no excuse for her rude behaviour, especially towards Tenzin and her father. Didn’t her parents teach her manners? Yes, she’s strong-headed and reckless, but those are her loved ones she’s speaking too…



OHMYGOD I&#8217;M FUH-REA-KIN&#8217;